Are you also getting really tired of Corona Quarantine?

July 13, 2020


Are you also getting really tired of Corona Quarantine?

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Being stuck inside and not able to socialize for months can get to even the most avid introvert. Throw into the mix being quarantined with your kids and spouse with no time off or alone and it can wear on your psyche and your patience. So, it’s no surprise if you are at your wit’s end with the people you love the most…even the family pet!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like publicly socializing is coming back any time soon, so we thought we would help save your sanity. How, you ask?

By sharing with you a way to live your life through love and laughter!

Before you know it, your kids are going to grow up and be on their own and you will be longing for the days of noise and lack of privacy. Well, okay, maybe that’s hard for you to wrap your head around right now, but trust me, it will happen.

To help you get to that day without banishing your children or setting them out on the curb with the trash, here is a great way to implement some love and laughter into your life.

How about a friendly game of Twister?  Do you remember the game with the colored circles in which you are instructed to contort your body to follow the commands of where to place your hands and feet?  We can’t get through a game without laughing. If you don’t have the game, see below on how you can improvise.

If Twister isn’t your speed or your kids are too small, how about what we called “Huckle-Buckle Beanstalk.”

It is a game my Mom did with me and my siblings and I have played it with my girls. They have then played it with kids when babysitting and the children loved it!

Hide an object and leave a little bit showing. This can literally be anything you have around the house…a brush or a spatula or a stick.  While you do this the kids are in another room, so they don’t see where you hide the item. Once it is hidden, you tell them they can go find it. When they do, they don’t touch it. They run back to a spot you designate (the couch or a bed or the floor of the family room, for example) and say, “Huckle, Buckle Beanstalk!” 

The other kids will furiously try to figure out where their sibling was when the object was found. As each child finds it and sits on the spot, they start to giggle. If the remaining children are having trouble you can guide them by telling them they are getting hotter or colder until they see it. The first one that saw it gets to go get it and he is the one who gets to hide it next.

Although it may sound boring, I promise that kids love “Huckle Buckle Beanstalk.”

Make your own Twister game:

Mat: Get five pieces of each of the following colors of paper: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Tape them in rows on a tile or wood floor. Heck, you can do it outside on the driveway, sidewalk or in a garage and use chalk to make the circles or squares. If you don’t have colored paper, use squares of different wrapping paper or paper plates that the kids color.

Choices: Write the following on separate pieces of paper: Right Hand, Right Foot, Left Hand, Left Foot, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Put the colors in one bowl or bag and the body parts in another. Have someone pull one piece of paper from each bag/bowl and tell those playing what they must do. If you want to play with more people, just make your board bigger.

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Sending You Much Love & Laughter

Amy & Sittah