Are You Worried Your Money Won’t Stretch Far Enough Anymore?

July 21, 2020

Streching Your Dollar

Are You Worried Your Money Won’t Stretch Far Enough Anymore?

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Many of us are in this situation now. We have either had a pay cut or we suddenly don’t have any pay at all. Hopefully this is only temporarily but we don’t know how long this “temporarily” will last. That insecurity can be very scary and worrying! So, we have spent some time thinking about how we can save money and make our dollars stretch further than before.  Here is what we came up with to help you.

  • Hair Salon: Obviously we can’t go to any hair salon at the moment, but you know what I have noticed? I don’t really have to go as often as I used to. I can cover my roots for a week or two by wearing my hair a little differently. I can also color my roots at home one month and then go for a color and cut the next month. Or, I could go to a less expensive place like a Hair Cuttery one month and to my usual, more expensive, hair salon every other month. That will stretch my dollar for a while.
  • Eating and Drinking Out: I am sure you also look forward to finally meeting your friends in a nice restaurant, winery or coffee shop again, once confinement is over. I certainly do! ???? But eating out is expensive. How can we stretch our dollar and still see our friends? 

    We could meet at our home for appetizers before going out to dinner and then only order a main meal. We could also eat our main meals at home and then meet our friends for coffee or dessert. Or if it is nice and warm, we could prepare a packed lunch/dinner and meet our friends somewhere in a pretty park.

  • Grocery Shopping: Many people spend a lot of money on soda. You could stretch your dollar by making lemonade or fruity water (just infuse a jug of water with cucumber, berries, mint, … whatever you like) and if you buy one of those carbonating machines like Sodastream you can even make it fizzy. Our kids love that!

    You can also buy bigger size food packages which are typically cheaper and freeze part of it.

    Making food from scratch is a lot cheaper than buying ready-made (and often it is healthier too). You could spend some time online searching for yummy recipes and prepare food yourself that you would normally buy ready-made.

  • Telecommunication: We will look into all the different phone, internet and cable contracts available online and might change our contracts to cheaper ones. You may find special offers too.
  • Insurance: I don’t know about you, but I often don’t take enough time to compare insurance companies and coverages. Now might be a good time to do some research on that. This can be done online during confinement and who knows, you might be able to change some coverages and stretch your dollar considerably.

I hope we have given you some hope with these ideas.

Sending You Much Love & Laughter

Sittah & Amy

Are You Worried Your Money Won’t Stretch Far Enough Anymore?

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