Is Your Child A Clone?

July 20, 2020


Is Your Child A Clone?

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“Look at my Mini-Me! She is just like me!”

How often have you heard someone say that about their child? Maybe you have also said it yourself? “He is exactly like me”, we proudly say. You know what? I think that is wishful thinking of our love-filled, ego-driven mind. We all want our children to be like us. We love to see little copies of ourselves. We are especially proud when they talk like us or when they have the same talents we have. We spend a lot of time, effort and money on fulfilling them “their” dreams. Little do we realize that often we are not fulfilling their dreams but, actually, we are fulfilling our own childhood dreams. Many of us use our children like a second chance on childhood. We want to give them what we desired but did not have. We want them to achieve the things we dreamed of but did not achieve. We try to produce our cute little “mini-me” so that we can mould them into a better, happier, more fulfilled version of ourselves. Do you feel like I am talking to you? ???? I am certainly talking to myself,… or maybe I should say to an earlier version of myself, before I learned about Conscious Parenting and understood a few mind-blowing, life-altering truths.

Here is one from Louise Hay I came across a while ago, which really changed my perspective on how I now see and perceive my son:

“Children are not the parent’s possession; they are blessings from the Universe. They are individual bright spirits, old spiritual souls coming to have another human experience. They have chosen their parents for the lessons and challenges they will be given. They are here to teach us many things if we are open to learning from them. Children are challenging, for they often have different ways of looking at Life. Parents frequently insist on teaching them old, outdated ideas that the children instinctively know are not right for them. It is the parents’ duty to provide a safe, nurturing space for this soul to develop its current personality to the fullest.

If we only could realize that each child who comes to this planet is a healer and could do wondrous things to advance humanity if it is but encouraged. When we try to force a child into a mould that was passed down from our grandparents, then we do the child a disservice, and we do society a disservice.”

Today, I am even more grateful for my son and really excited to learn from him. I can see that he is an incredibly wise little individual as well as an amazingly loving teacher.

Sending You Much Love & Laughter

Sittah & Amy

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