MOMMY FREEDOM December Series – “How to Start 2021 with SUCCESS!”

December 5, 2020

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MOMMY FREEDOM December Series – “How to Start 2021 with SUCCESS!”

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Hello beautiful mothers!
The end of the year is approaching and many of us spend some time reflecting:
Reflecting on how this past year has gone and determining on how we want the new year to go.
We all know that New Year’s resolutions tend to be spur-of-the-moment decisions, most of which are neglected and set aside by about the second week of the year.
But does it have to be that way? We’d like to share with you a hack to make sure you have a better outcome and achieve your personal goals for next year.
Don’t wait until the New Year to set your intentions and to start new habits!
You are most likely setting yourself up for failure.

Let’s face it, the first week of the year is a challenge – you might be tired from all the parties and late nights, maybe you feel low energy from over-eating or over-drinking, the kids go back to school,…. So much going on.
Set yourself up for success by starting your new intentions and your new success habits NOW.
Use December to think about what you want to achieve in the next year and start, one tiny baby-step at the time, to move in the right direction,… it means that by the time the new year starts, you are already well on your way to success.
To help you set yourself up for success now, we will share some of our most powerful success habits over the next four weeks. We will start with our early morning routine.
How you start your days sets the tone for the entire day.

If you start your days crazy and disorganized, it permeates your entire day. So, better to intentionally start your day the way you want it to go.

To do this, define which areas in your life need a power boost and dedicate time to them first thing in the morning.

The four main areas we want to discuss in the next four weeks are:


We believe that if you start your day with powerful success habits in these four areas, you will create a powerful chain reaction of success in your day, assuring a life full of LOVE and LAUGHTER.
So, here we go, without further ado, this is my personal early morning routine from the time I wake up:
Note: I consciously get up 60-90 minutes before my son has to wake up to have this me-time which nourishes my SOUL and gives me the power to be the best version of myself and have a successful day.

* As soon as I wake up I think of a few things I am GRATEFUL for.

* I then say my AFFIRMATIONS.

* I then do a five second exercise that creates a PROTECTION SHIELD around me and my family.

* I get up and MASSAGE my body with an ayurvedic oil.

* I do a soft body SCRUB, telling each body part that I love it and that I allow it to RELEASE TOXINS and unnecessary body fat.

* I then go to my meditation spot, light candles and an ESSENTIAL OIL burner.

* I do 3-5 YOGA sun salutations.

* I read my list of GOALS for the next 3 months.

* I READ one page of a book by Louise Hay.

* I connect to God, Source, The Universe and ASK for the highest vibing energies available to me today as I pull a card from my daily Fairy Card deck.

* I MEDITATE for 30 to 40 minutes.

Maybe this inspires some of you to start a Mindful Morning Magic routine.

Maybe it overwhelmes you? You don’t have to do all of this at once. Start small and do just one or two things for awhile and then slowly add to it.

Even though it is a challenge to get up earlier, I have noticed that this routine turns my days into magic. So it has become non-negotiable for me.

Again, don’t feel like you need to do all of these techniques at once to be successful.

You really don’t! (It took me years to develop this routine and to stick to it.)

But maybe you are curious to start with one of the practices mentioned and go head and give it a try and let us know how it affects you and your day.

If you would like to learn more about any of the above-mentioned practices, and how you can learn them, let us know and we will do a more detailed blog or video.

Sending You Much Love & Laughter

Sittah & Amy

MOMMY FREEDOM December Series – “How to Start 2021 with SUCCESS!”

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