Who Else Dreads Going Clothes Shopping With Their Kids?

July 21, 2020


Who Else Dreads Going Clothes Shopping With Their Kids?

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Do You know this scenario: You are standing in the middle of a clothes store, trying to find new outfits for your kids and everything you like (or like the price of) is being rejected with a look of disgust by your pre-teens? Your kids only look towards the store with the expensive designer clothes and don’t even want to try the non-branded stuff?

A couple of years ago this scenario was still unknown to me. Shopping with my son was fun, we would go to the cheaper stores and find lots of clothes he liked and that I was happy to pay for. We all know that after one season most clothes don’t fit anymore anyway, so what is the point of paying a fortune for an item that will be worn maybe 10 times max?

There is no point. No logical reason at all. Except that there comes an age when wearing the “right” clothes is vital. If you don’t have the right name written on it, you are not cool, you are not “in”. And I am sure we all remember that being “in” and accepted is one of the most important things at one point in our childhood. So, in the last 2 years shopping has become a bit of a nightmare for us. From one day to the other my son did not want to go to the same stores anymore. Suddenly he knew all designer names and where to find their clothes. When I said that something was too expensive, he would get upset. He refused to buy cheaper items and if I bought something for him that he had not chosen, he would simply not wear it.

Arguing with your kids in a clothes store is not fun. Do you remember the temper tantrums in the supermarket when they were toddlers? – The feeling of embarrassed helplessness is the same.

Luckily, this has completely changed since we recently learned some amazingly effective strategies. These tools have given my son the power to decide himself what to buy without it costing me a cent more than before. We shop completely stress-free, I am fascinated to see how inventive he is and how much he is learning to budget and make choices … and he feels empowered and grown-up.

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Who Else Dreads Going Clothes Shopping With Their Kids?